Current menu is for Monday, March 27, 2023. We deliver each Monday to Parker Pour House, F45 Southlands and HIITSQUAD. Email us at for additional information. This will be our last modified menu and will return to regular menu Monday, April 3rd.
Chicken Nuggets with a Side of Fruit

Chicken Nuggets with a Side of Fruit


    *LIMITED QUANTITY* Our handcrafted nuggets provide a delicious and healthy alternative to our favorite fast-food. Made with fewer carbs and lower fat than traditional nuggets and full of protein, they come with a homemade Sauce for a tasty, guilt-free meal option. Enjoy the crispiness of fast-food nuggets without any of the guilt. Served with a side of fruit. Best heated up in air fryer or oven to keep them crispy or microwave for 1-2 minutes. 

    Nutritional Value: includes sauce and fruit

    Calories | 281
    Carbohydrates | 25.5g
    Protein | 20g
    Fat | 12.2g